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Family Office Community – Webinars Efterår 2021

20. september 2021 kl.8:00 - 17:00



Family businesses increasingly transform into families in business through strategic shifts, the sale of a business or diversification. As they organize themselves beyond these evolutions, family owners face challenges both on the family and the business side. The entrepreneurial spirit of family businesses often survives a liquidity event and many families continue to work together.

Across its member associations, FBN has gathered circles of business families who are considering, are in the process of or have long established family offices to exchange among peers, discussing both the family and the business sides of a family office.

Based on these learnings, FBN is launching today a global Family Office community (alongside NxG, NowGen, Entrepreneurs, Polaris) to bring together interested members on this important topic and offer a focused safe space to learn from each other.

Definition and mapping

There are many definitions of what a family office is / can be. At FBN, we recognize that the Family Office conversation occurs “when the family starts to think and act beyond the legacy business”:

“When the family starts to think and act beyond its legacy business(es), it organizes itself with an office (that can be a separate legal entity or not) to look after its “total family capital”, including (but not limited to) financial, social and human capital, with an objective to continue the family heritage for the generations to come”.


Launch of the Community

We are delighted to launch this new community through a series of online sessions, open to all members.Each session will be duplicated to ensure that members from all time zones can join. As for other FBN communities, it is chaired by thought leading members from our network: Susana Gallardo and Alex Scott, who will lead the introduction sessions in September.

Based on this first exchanges, we will work with a group of members and chapter executives to plan the FO community activities for 2022.

Looking forward to welcoming you at one of the upcoming sessions.

The FBN Team


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20. september 2021
8:00 - 17:00
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